The tears keep running down my face non-stop since her death. Is Aunt Miriam hurt, or is she dead too? My mind is making me think of terrible and dreadful images after Elizabeth’s traumatising death. I absolutely DESPISE THEM. I have to go to Aunt Miriam before her time runs out, but I have no clue where she is! Please be safe Aunt Miriam, I’m coming.

I can still smell her blood, I’m hallucinating Elizabeth’s cold and dead body lying on the hard ground. My fingernails are filled with the dirt I dug to try and save her. This is all so unfair, will my life be easier if I just stayed in Germany? Would my life be easier if I wasn’t even here? All these questions sound different but might have the same answer, No.

It has been a long time, my legs are exhausted along with my arms, my stomach is begging for food but I will not stop until I find Aunt Miriam, she’s the only person I have now even if she’s dead or alive I still want to see her. My stomach keeps on grumbling, it isn’t begging for food now it’s demanding! But I still have to search for Aunt Miriam and maybe some food. Wait a minute, I see a woman in the distance. She’s the same height as Aunt Miriam, and she has the same kind of hair so that must be…AUNT MIRIAM, OH AUNT MIRIAM I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH. My legs’ energy has drained out along with my arms, I haven’t stopped because I wanted to see her again.

About Me

Talofa Lava, I’m Madelyn but I usually prefer Maddie since that’s what everyone calls me. I’m 11 years old turning 12 this year and I’m Samoan but I don’t really understand or know how to speak Samoan. I have 2 sisters, 1 young brother and 1 step-sister who lives in Australia. I love my step-sister but as for my sisters and little brother…sometimes. 

My little brother and I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I’m a year 7 and he’s a year 2, I absolutely LOVE going to school. I love to learn new things and see my wonderful friends and my wonderful teacher Ms George.

In my free time or when I’m at home I love to write my own stories, play video games and hang out with my family but the thing I love the most is DRAWING! The sports I enjoy playing are soccer and volleyball, I would really love to try out basketball though. There are a lot of foods I enjoy eating, like garlic bread, broccoli and prawns but the one I LOVE the most are NOODLES.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really appreciate it, and I hope you will enjoy other blogs I’m going to post in the future!

Clay Figures-Pennies for Hitler

Mrs George read us a book called “Pennies for Hitler” to Room 8 for our learning, it was about World War 2. Later on Mrs George gave us some clay, told everyone we had to be in groups of 4 and decide together on which critical scenes to remake as clay. My group decided to remake the scene where the woman decides to put her dog down. We decided to choose that scene because we thought that scene was showing that we have to let go of things we love example before Georg saw the dog dead he dreamt of having a dog, but when he saw the dog dead he had to put his dreams of owning a dog down.

My Pointillism Project

Today for my reading task I had to do a Pointillism project, Pointillism is a painting or a drawing created with dots, example if you have been to a optometrist then they will show you a picture of a number. My Pointillism project originally was going to just be samoan patterns but I decided to go with something thats easy for me, I drew this because I thought it would be cool if I did a pirates boat getting hit by big ocean waves and plus it was easier to do for me.


Cool Characters

Today I decided to do another Summer Learning Journey Activity since I was bored, I looked at the “Cool Characters” Activity and it looked really cool so I decided to try it out. At first I wanted to try and draw a girl but the hard thing was that I couldn’t find anything that looked like clothing, so I decided to do a cat instead I thought it was going to be easy but it was really hard I just decided to choose a flower but the pedals fell of so I decided to use the pedals as the cats ears It doesn’t really look like a cat but I still kept it. This challenge was very difficult for me to do but I still decided to do it because I admired the drawings with the pinecones and the daisies.

It’s Cool To Be Kind-Positive Comment

Today I was started to get bored and then I remembered, the Summer Learning Journey Acitivties, when I clicked on their website I saw how much activities I missed out on, then I decided to do the “It’s Cool To Be Kind” I haven’t posted a Summer Learning Journey Activity for 20 days but now I finally posted another Summer Learning Journey Activity and I forgot how fun it is to do these activities.

Paint with Music-What if you could hear colour

The next summer learning journey activity I did was like “What if you could see sound” activity but the opposite, it was “What if you could hear colour” so I clicked on the site and it sent me to a game where you can make music with colours, at first I made the drawing pretty but the music didn’t really sound good and when I drew random stuff the music still didn’t sound good, so then I focused on where to put the sounds and the music ended up turning pretty good.

Paint with music-What if you could see sound?

Today a new summer learning journey activity has been released on their site, and I loved it I enjoyed drawing and listening to my favourite song, I started struggling what I wanted to draw but then I just went for it and I didn’t really expect it to be some kind of freaky drawing but I love it.Dumb Dumb is my favourite song because it gives me freak or weird vibes but I love it.

German Flag

I was really enjoying the summer learning journey activities so I did another activity, the activity was just like the “Toa-Samoa” work but this time I could choose a flag to research about, I did some thinking then I finally decided that I would do the German Flag, I chose the German Flag because I have heard a lot about Germany and while I was researching facts about Germany I found out that Germany started the “christmas tree tradition” and a lot of other fun facts.

Toa Samoa-Wave That Flag

I enjoyed doing the Art Summer Learning Journey Activity so I decided to do another activity, the one I chose was Toa Samoa-Wave that flag, I read the rules on what we have to do then I watched a video about the Samoa Flag, while I was watching I was also learning some samoa words like “pa’epa’e” meaning white, “mumu” meaning red and “moana” meaning blue, I also learned that white means “purity”, Blue means “Freedom” and Red means “Courage” and the stars represent the Southern Cross.