The School Holidays

During the School holidays we went to Rainbows End we could invite only one friend except for my little brother. My sister April invited her friend Angelina and I invited my friend Upu. My older sister Summer didn’t want to invite anyone, we went in the car and made our way to Rainbows End while we were on our way we listened to music in the car.

Later on we made it to Rainbows End but there wasn’t any parking so we had to park outside Rainbows End, then when all of us got our wristbands we went inside Rainbows End and saw lots of cool rides. The first ride we usually go on is called “Log Flume” but we just call it the Log ride April and Angelina went on the same log ,while me and Upu sat with eachother on the same log Upu and I would look at the figures and the little elves then at the end we went down really fast, it was scary but really fun.

When we were done with the log ride we decided to go on the Invader, the Invader was my favourite ride out of all of the rides all of us were really excited to go on the ride then we went on the ride then the ride started, it was calm at first but then later on it started moving and spinning really fast then when the man stopped the ride we all went off the ride with our heads dizzy.

Then we decided to meet up with my family to have lunch together we waited a while but then our food came it was really delicious then after we were done with the food we decided to go on the Golden Coast luckily it was a 4 person ride then later it was our turn to go on the ride, Angelina and April went in the front and me and Upu were at the back when we started the ride it went really fast and when we were near the end the ride stopped then it slowly started moving forward then we took off our seat belts and then we went on the next ride.

Angelina,April,Summer and my father wanted to go to a VR movie, but me and Upu wanted to do the race cars so we seperated from eachother and did our own things Upu was excited to go on the race cars but I was getting kind of anxious, then we went in line and waited our turns then when it was finally our turns we ran to our cars and buckled up our seat belts and started driving, I enjoyed it I felt like I was in a real car then we saw Angelina,Summer, April and my father then when we were done with the race cars we all went to the Invader again, It was the same feeling but it felt like the ride was longer.

We all were tired and starving but before we went back to the car we got cotten candy mostly everyone was starving then we decided to eat at K.F.C we got a bucket filled with spicy chicken then started eating, the food was delicous then when we were full we dropped off Upu and Angelina back to their homes. It was really fun but we barely went on the other rides so next time when we go to Rainbows End I would love to go on other rides.

The Village in the Mountains PT1

It is the 9th of January, 1958 ,and we have discovered a strange mountain full of houses and with a suspiciously large river, we then climbed up the mountain, there were some challenges on the way like, some poisonous bats, two mighty lions and a gigantic group of Rhinos.

Then when we finally reached the top of the mountain, we discovered a village! But no people, then when we kept on wandering around the village we saw a table full with magnificent food, but who made it? This was getting really confusing, we thought it was a trap so we walked  away but one of us couldn’t handle the magnificent food and they were starving, we turn our backs around for 5 seconds and we hear a very loud burp, then when we turn around we see one of our crew mates gobbled up the entire meal!

I yelled at them saying that that meal could’ve been poisoned! Or it was someone else’s meal! Then we heard little footsteps and we grabbed our weapons and started searching for the creature who made those sounds then I heard a rattling sound coming from the bush then just as I came closer to the bush a little creature jumped out and it was holding a diamond?

Not only we discovered a strange mountain but a little creature too? It had axolotl ears and the tail of a slug and it had frog hands? What kind of creature is this? It did no harm but just stared at us constantly, holding the diamond tightly, then out of nowhere another creature came out but instead of having axolotl ears,a slug tail or frog hands it had cat ears,a dog tail and hooves as hands! It was holding a little spear, it looked like it was getting ready to stab us then it came running to us,focusing where they were going to stab me, it jumped real high and stabbed me in the chest! Luckily the size of the spear was the size of a rubber, one flick of my fingers and the spear broke into millions of tiny pieces, the spear creature then started bawling their eyes out it was so loud and annoying that I could just cut off my ears.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere a group of little creatures came out and they had weapons! We were about to shoot them all until an elderly looking creature was holding a staff it was the size of a ruler and on top of it was an emerald, the elder creature then started speaking a language that none of us understood, then the emerald staff that the elderly was holding started glowing and the next thing you know we were teleported in a cell, the creatures trapped us in a prison! There was not even one exit, how were we going to escape?!

2022 Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament

On Wednesday the 2nd of November, It was the touch tournament, the Year 8’s ,7’s and 6’s were split into 4 teams, the Year 8 boys were one team, the Year 8 girls were one team, Year 7 and 6 boys were one team and the Year 7 and 6 girls were in one team.

When we came to school we had to sit under the canopy, then when everyone was here we all made our way out of the school gates, Mr Bell would walk up to the road, look left and right making sure there were no cars and then telling us to cross the road. Then when we arrived at Dunkirk we saw all the other schools, I was excited to play but I was also scared to see the schools we were going against.

When we arrived at our tents, we put our bags down and sat down, we all started talking to one another and ate some snacks, then at 9:45 we all went to our fields to play. Unfortunatly the team I was in lost but it’s okay we all played well, and the Year 8 boys team won, then we sat under the tents and ate some food.

Then later on we all went back to our fields for the 2nd round, my team lost again but we have improved, and the Year 8 girls won, we all came back to our tents tired, then we started chattering to eachother again and ate some snacks to gain some energy for the 3rd round.

We all went back to our fields again to play, we lost again and we kind of gotten better and we weren’t really spreading out that much, we came back to the tents really tired, talked, ate then we went back to the field for the 4th round,

The Year 7 and 6 girls were going against the Year 8 girls, It was so exciting, we lost again but It was really fun, the Year 8 girls were going to the semi-finals, all of us went back to the tents exhausted, we then chatted and ate, a lot, then when we were done we all went to watch the semi-finals, It was “St Patricks G2 vs Point England” Point England won, but the year 8 girls did really good.

Then at the end of the touch tournament we all packed up our stuff and got ready to walk back to school, some people went by car with their families and the others walked back to school, I went with my dad by car back to school to pick up my little brother, then when we picked him up we went back home, exhausted the touch tournament was fun and tiring, and I thank all the families who helped and supported the touch tournament.


Mission Day

On Friday, the 23rd of September it was Mission Day, Mission Day is a day where the students donate food or money to the Holy Angels Orphanage, and we could also wear any clothing that doesn’t have any inappropiate stuff. In the morning, we did a Assembly, we sang songs and then we put some money down on our class number. After Assembly we did our Te Reo thon, we had to translate some words Maori to English, and English to Maori, the first words were easy, but then the last words were difficult for me, then when I was finished I put my paper on Mr.Bells desk.

At Morning Tea, some of the students in Room 8 were selling Raffle Tickets, it cost 20 cents, 1 doller was 5 tickets, and 2 dollers were 10 tickets, After I bought some Raffle Tickets, I went to play in the top court, barely anyone was playing in the top court because they were in the kanopy. After Morning Tea, Room 7 watched a anime movie called “Spirited Away”.

Then at lunchtime, it was the last time the Room 8 students would sell the Raffle Tickets, I really wanted to buy some more Raffle Tickets, but the line was long and plus I was too lazy, so I decided to play soccer in the top court with some people. After Lunchtime we finished the Spirited Away movie and I loved it, the story was really cool and the art style was really beautiful, and the food scenes looked so good.

Then at 2:20, all of the classes went to the Kanopy to do the Raffle Prizes, I didn’t win any of the prizes but I was glad that one of my friends won one of the prizes. Mission Day was really cool, my favourite part of the day was when all of us watched a movie.

Holy Angels Orphanage

In 1876 2 of the Mission Sisters arrived at Kolkata, they visited some families then they decided to establish a Church. 1967 the archbishop gave the Mission Sisters a home and also in 1967 most of the children were orphans because of a war so the Mission Sisters established a school for them.

In 1981 the Mission Sisters established an orphanage for orphans. Before they started an orphanage I think the reason why they started an orphanage was because Sister Teresa brought 7 orphans. In 2006 the Mission Sisters named the parish school “Holy Angels Boarding School”.

Kalyanpur is a beautiful village filled with 92851 males and 81098 females all together its 173,949 Kalyanpur is spelled “kalyanpur” but the stations name is “Kalianpur” while the British often use “Kullianpur”.


Commonwealth Games Reflection

The Commonwealth Games is a sports competition that happens every 4 years and countries enter in it. Most of the countries have been governed by the British Empire, there were 4 countries that entered the commonwealth games first, it was Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

The first commonwealth games to be held was in Hamilton in the year 1930, before the commonwealth games was called “The Commonwealth Games” it was called the British Empire Games.

In “The Road To Birmingham” we went to different landmarks,virtually, we did it virtually because of the pandemic and it would’ve cost too much, so we did it on a website where we recorded the distance we ran each day and entered it as a class, we did it by using a website and each laps we ran each day, we made them into kilometres and entered the score as a class. We had a chance to learn about these landmarks, and it was the best thing we could do as if we were actually there.

The other thing we had to do was pick an athlete and look for information about them. The athlete I chose was Moira Koster. I chose her because she did Judo and Judo is like Karate and I love karate except I don’t really know how to do karate but I love watching movies with fighting, I’d love to learn karate.

Moira Koster was born in 1990 in South Africa, Johannesburg, she competed in the 2012 London and 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth. She won 1 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze, she has won multiple Oceania Championships for juniors.

My experience with the Commonwealth games was really fun. I loved how we had to run laps to move forward in the race, but some people started lying about them doing 50 laps. My favourite landmark was the Stonehenge, I loved the Stonehenge because it is ancient, and it had different theories of who put them up, one of the theories said that Merlin the wizard of Arthurian put them up.

Happy Fathers Day

This Sunday is a very special day, thats because its Fathers Day! A day where we honour all those fathers around the world, and appriciate the love that our fathers have given us since the beginning of our life. Today we had to make something for our fathers, most of the Room 7 made cards and the other ones made a slideshow on their chromebook, I chose to make a card since it was the easiest to make but the hard part was thinking what to write in the card. I took 5 minutes to think what I should write in the card then i came up with some writing. I put a lot of work onto my card, I hope my father will love it.

Swimming Lessons with SwimMagic school

On the 27th of June the first day of swimming I was really excited, we needed our swimming gear which was a swimming bag or a bag that can fit your swimming gear, a towel, some goggles if you want to use them, our jumpers to keep us warm after and our swimming caps. Some girls didn’t have or like swimming caps so they had to tie their hair in a bun, the Year 6 girls would go to Room 6 and the Year 7 girls would go to Room 8, us Year 6 and 5 girls would have to wait for the Room 6 boy’s to get changed, once they were done us girls would go into the classroom and get changed, and after we got changed the Room 6, 7 and 8 boys would go on the bus and the bus would take them to SwimMagic school. The year 6 girls would use the Room 6 ball and the Year 7 and 8’s would use the basketballs and play.

Then when our bus would arrive the Room 6 would go first then the Room 8 would go after them, the Room 6 would take the front seats, the Year 6 and 7 would take the middle seats and the Room 8 would be at the back. Then when we arrived at the SwimMagic School we’d always for the boys to finish their lessons with the Coaches, when their done we’d put our towels down on the bench and get into our lanes. I forgot which lane I was in but the coach was really fun to have, her name is Coach Seb she was fun.

On the last day of swimming I was really excited to go on the boats again but this years one was different, before we got on the boat one of the coaches gave some of us some life jackets, that was the first time I wore a life jacket it felt really uncomfortable at first but then I got used to it. Later on we got to go on the boat, it could only hold 4 people at a time,  when we got on the boat we had to fall backwards it was fun.

When all of us had fallen off the boat we got seperated into 3 teams then we had to race eachother to the end It probably doesn’t really matter who won but it was really fun. After that we had to climb out of the water and face the wall, one of the coaches pushed someone at a time then we fell into the water, after we fell into the water we had to take off our life jackets, climb out of the water, grab our stuff and say goodbye, when we got back from swimming I quickly got changed, went to my classroom, said karakia and went home. I loved to do swimming it was really fun and the Coaches were fun too, im really excited for next years swimming.

Why We Should Learn To Control Pests

Pests like possums, stoats and feral cats hunt other animals to survive, some of those animals can’t defend themselves. Some of the animals that get killed by pests are endangered animals.

So I ask you this question, “Why should we learn to control pests?” We should learn to control pests so we don’t have to kill them and have to be worried about them killing animals.

We should learn to control pests so other animals  don’t get hurt or killed and so the endangered animals don’t become extinct like Kiwi’s or penguins.

But pests aren’t the only problem, plants are like pests. Some plants are toxic and poisonous like Oleander or Rosary Pea, some of the toxic plants cause humans and animals to get sick, and some plants carry diseases and viruses.

Stoats are a carnivorous animals there favourite animal to eat are rabbits, feral cats are more healthier than pet cats you can even tame some feral cats, hedgehogs have 5000-7000 spikes all over their body, a group of hedgehogs is called an array, possums can live up to 11 years, possums play dead so predators won’t eat them.

We should control pests so we don’t have to kill them, so defenceless animals don’t get harmed, hurt or killed even the endangered animals.

Kaitiakitanga Trip

On Friday the 5th of August, Room 7 got to go on a trip to Cornwall Park, but before we went a man named Chris taught us about predators and how to set up traps, after that we left school and got on our bus.

When we arrived at Cornwall Park Chris introduced us to Charlie and Lisa, we split up into two groups Mr.Bell’s group went with Chris and Mrs Yumals group (the group I was in) went with Charlie and Lisa. Charlie and Lisa taught us about trees and nature meanwhile Chris was also teaching his groups about nature. 

Then when were done we switched leaders then later on we came back and had lunch together outside in nature, Later on we went into our original teams and played games together, then when our bus arrived we went back to our classroom and Chris handed us worksheets and trap tunnels but the trap tunnels weren’t built yet so we had to build it ourselves (the trapping tunnels were made out of black construction paper) when we were done we were allowed to put our trap tunnels anywhere in our school. 

After that Chris had to leave, everyone said their goodbyes then Chris left. I had lots of fun. My favourite part was when all of us had lunch together outside in nature.