Ballet in a Box

Have you ever wanted to experience a live ballet performance once or twice in your life? Well The whole of St Patricks did and Guess what? It was free. When we sat down we were all bored, very bored. While we were waiting a group of kids gathered around and played “So Maka Lo”. Next thing you know, the whole of saint pats joined in!

The sound of kids singing very joyfully and loudly distracted me from noticing the doors opening. The light around me faded away as I was walking inside the theatre, the big and spacious theatre. As the workers assigned every schools seats, the lights suddenly went off. Instead of everyone simmering down when the curtains were pulled back, everyone started cheering and clapping with excitement. The 1st performance was about classical ballet, 2nd performance was contemporary ballet most of us recognised the dance since we did it too. The demonstration between classical ballet and contemporary ballet was amusing but my favourite performance was “The story of Ma Hina”.

The story of Ma Hina teaches us how to treat the evniroment around us properly. It’s also about romance. I really enjoyed watching a ballet show for the first time in my life! Which performance did you enjoy the most?


Emily/My Web Diagram

We each did our own Emily web design. We included the people we have met so far on Emily’s journey. Rating them one by one but in Emily’s view. Example the people that Emily finds important is right next to her which is the 1st web. The ones Emily love is close to her, 2nd web. People Emily dislikes are far away from her in the 3rd web.

Once we were done with Emily’s web, we designed our own web and rated the special people in our lives.

Tongan Tapa Cloth

For Tonga language week, we designed a Tapa Cloth with Tongan designs. We each designed a Tonga pattern on a google draw. Once we were done we were put into 4 groups. We all designed our own Tongan pattern and put it together, forming a bigger Tapa Cloth.

Heaven and Earth

The brown cross behind the big blue circle represents the death of Jesus and how he died for our sins. The big blue circle is our beautiful home God has created, Earth. The heads surrounding earth represents us, the followers of Jesus. The yellow aura around both us and earth represents Jesus shielding us from any harm. The 4 faceless people with wings represents angels protecting us and family members who have passed away looking down on us.

Mitey-Emily’s Phone

Through Mitey we met Emily, a girl who we find out who has run away. We decided to look into her phone, into her contacts, her playlist, her interests and maybe her search history. Each one of us did very excellent work on our Emily Project. If you would like to check out my project, watch the slides below.